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5 minutes with Alix Gregory

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Alix Gregory, a fantastic clay shooter and ambassador for encouraging more women to get into shooting, to explore her passion for the sport, share words of wisdom and bust some myths! 
Thanks for joining us Alix, we'd like to start with how and when you got into shooting, were you brought up around guns?  
actually only got introduced to the sport a little over four years ago, by my partner who is also an avid shooter. We went to our local clay ground, and unfortunately for him I was hooked straight away and never looked back.  
You work closely with the fantastic Dynamic Ladies Shooting Club; how did you first find out about the ladies' groups and how have they helped you along your shooting journey?  
I was very fortunate as I started shooting, ladies clubs had a huge influence on social media. I managed to be a part of some incredible ladies' groups that gave me the confidence and support to start shooting regular competitions. I am very grateful for the support I had from these groups and the lifelong friends I made through them. 
I now work very closely with Dynamic Ladies Shooting Club which is ran and owned by a very good friend of mine Mars. I help her in promoting and encouraging more ladies to get involved in shooting and help giving them the confidence to get into competitive clay shooting. 
That's fantastic Alix, we agree the ladies' groups are so supportive. What advice would you give to ladies that are thinking about getting into shooting? 
Find your tribe! Ladies' clubs are brilliant for being introduced to the sport, likeminded ladies can give you the confidence and support within your shooting journey. If there isn't a ladies club near you, then find yourself a reputable instructor, your local ground can help with an introduction to shooting days which are excellent for taster sessions - but I really think you will be hooked!  
Find your tribe, words to live by! There's a variety of shooting disciplines, do you have a favourite?  
This changes, depending on what day you ask me! I predominately shoot trap, and this is my preferred discipline, but I also enjoy shooting sporting and will use this for my 'down time' away from training and competitions.   
We haven't done much trap before; we might need to get some advice from you! Which leads us nicely to, what's the best advice you have been given?  
Ask away, I love helping mentoring others.  
This is easy, the best advice I was given was to filter all advice given! As women we get a lot of unsolicited advice when shooting, not all advice is good advice. Everyone will shoot differently and have different styles etc, what works for one person may not work from you. Only take the bits advice that work for you and say 'thank you' but ignore the bits that won’t work for you personally. 
We couldn't agree more! When we're out shooting, I have to have a chocolate bar before picking up the gun, what's your non-negotiable?  
Food! Anyone who knows me, and shoots, will know that I also have to eat before shooting and have a bag full of snacks for in-between layouts. A hungry Alix is not a happy Alix!  
What's the most heard misconception within shooting?  
This is tricky as there’s a lot of misconceptions within the sport, personally, the most heard misconception is that trap shooting is boring! I may be biased on that misconception; my partner also disagrees that this is a misconception.   
The weather has fully turned on us now, and winter has set in, which means wellies and boots are in full force. Do you have a preference on footwear 
When shooting I will always reach for my wellies or pull up boots, but during hunting and falconry I always go for the lace up boots so I’m probably 50/50 on this one. 
Finally, you've had a long day out in the rain and wind, what is your 'go-to' winter warmer?  
This is a tough one as I'm a sucker for a good brew, and this is normally my go-to for a hot drink. But if you’ve got flavoured lattes, I won’t even look at a cup of tea! 
We hope you enjoyed this interview with Alix as much as we did. Find out more and follow Alix's journey on Instagram @alix_jade.  
We're also excited that Alix is an ambassador for The National Shooting Show which takes place 11 - 12 May 2024. 

Alix Gregory

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  • Fantastic Alix!!!!! Loved the interview!!!!
    Super Proud of you and all your achievements. We are a strong supporting Tribe, love it!!!!

    Mhairi-Ann Troup (Mars) on

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