Supporting Charity - Barnabus - Bringing Hope to the Homeless & Vulnerable

Barnabus are a fantastic charity that bring hope to the homeless and vulnerable. 

We know how cold and wet a day in the field can be - and how miserable it can make it if you don't have the right gear.  Imagine if this was your every day life - and you weren't finishing the day sat in a warm shoot lodge and having a hot meal.  This is the reality for the many homeless people in the UK.

Who are Barnabus?

We are supporting Barnabus in Manchester (who are based locally to us) their charity number is 7714410 - they run the Beacon Support Centre where homeless people can access support, the NHS, food, counselling, showers and fresh clothes. 

You can see their work on their website here.

In 2019-20, Barnabus gave out 2,364 sets of fresh clothes to people in need.  We would like to be able to help by giving brand new merino socks and glove liners from Sealskinz - we all know how brilliant these products are as we use them on shoot days and out training with our gundogs - and the people that are helped by this charity really need them.

What are we doing?

We have added new products into the store that you can add to your basket and buy for the charity.  These products are being sold by On The Peg Clothing Ltd at cost plus VAT (ie we aren't making any money on these at all). 

These products won't be delivered to you - instead we'll deliver them to Barnabus on a weekly or fortnightly basis, to hand out to those that are sleeping rough.

What can you buy?

We have added merino full glove liners and merino fingerless mitts and merino sock liners.  The extremities are always the bits that feel the bitter cold, so having good quality products to help keep warm is needed.

Merino has the added benefits of being a natural fibre so is breathable and temperature regulating, as well as having naturally occurring anti-microbial properties.

Any support you can give to this wonderful charity is appreciated - thank you so much.