Sustainability and On The Peg Clothing

Sustainability feels like a HUGE topic - and it is!

Whilst shooting and sustainability go hand in hand, retail and clothing businesses are often among the worst committers of environmental sins - so a ladies shooting clothing business brings about the best of intentions with the hardest of jobs. 

I think that looking after our environment should be high up on the agenda of every business, so this is our take on how we're going to include it in our plans for On The Peg Clothing.  I have to say that it is a work in progress - we are a long way from perfect - but we'll keep updating you on the progress as and when we make it.

This blog post is more of the story of our journey, and gives us accountability (you!) in that you can see that we are moving forward and trying to come up with ways to lessen our environmental impact, and to make our retail business as sustainable as possible.


What we are doing so far?

1. The Clothes

We are really choosy about the manufacturers that we work with for our countrywear.  We like those that make good quality products that last more than one or two seasons - fast 'fashion' exists in the shooting and gundog world too you know!

We like brands that make clothes that are good enough quality to stand several seasons of use, and that have established ways of keeping them working (reproofing, repair etc).  The brands are also starting to think more about the materials that they are using, so we'll consider this when we're looking at new ranges.  I think that there is plenty more that we can do on this front, so watch out for more information coming your way!


2. Our Packaging

We try and recycle as much packaging as possible.  When we get boxes, bubble wrap and other packaging materials in, we reuse them.  We bought a small amount of bubble wrap at the start (in 2018!), but we haven't had to buy any more since, as we recycle everything that comes in!

It does mean that you occasionally get boxes that look a little unusual - one of my favourite customers was delighted to receive her clothing in a box that originally contained a child's toy tractor, whilst there was a little confusion pre-Christmas when someone else just took the toy box their hat was delivered in at face value and called me panicking that he was holding a child's Christmas present hostage!

Our tissue paper isn't currently made from recycled sources, but is recyclable.  This will be on our list to tackle when it next runs out!

Our packaging (when not in cardboard boxes) is in plastic mailer bags.  Again, this will be on our hit list for the next round of improvements when the current supply is finished.

Packing tape - currently plastic, so again, we can, and will, do better next time!


3. Packaging on the Clothes from Manufacturers

The vast majority of our clothes arrive in huge boxes, with each garment wrapped in plastic and some of these also arrive with plastic hangers.

Our manufacturers, of course, form a huge part of our journey, so we'll bring you updates from them too, as and when they are released.  We will promise to have the important conversations with our suppliers about what they can do to improve sustainability of packaging materials, as well as the clothes themselves.  

So far, ReClayAim are leading the field (as they are a shooting recycling company!), and I think Laksen are probably the top of the bigger manufacturers that we have on board with regard to sourcing clothes and the materials that they use.

I'm going to introduce each brand and their efforts to help, on another blog post.


What I'm Planning Next

- Packaging that we send out - as and when current stocks run out.

- Conversations with suppliers about their part in all of this. 

- How to improve the life of clothes.


I'll update you as and when I make more progress! 

In the mean time, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this... how important is it to you?  Does it influence your buying decisions?  What would you like to see us tackle first?

Sorrel (signature)


For anyone that wants to read more about this, a couple of starting links are below - we'll add more as we find them

British Association of Shooting & Conservation (BASC)

McKinsey Report into Retail's Sustainable Future