Wood pigeon roost shooting essentials

Wood pigeon roost shooting essentials

Pigeon shooting is a February tradition for us and has its many benefits including, managing numbers and sharpening shooting skills. I often get asked what kit I take with me, and whilst everyone’s different, your essentials are gun, cartridges, ear defenders, and eye protection. It goes without saying that the right clothing can make or break a day.

We have pulled together our top wood pigeon roost shooting essentials


Evolution Chameleon eyewear, £19.95

The Chameleon eyewear has been specifically designed for women who shoot and are impact resistant.  

Sealskinz Raynham Waterproof All Weather Sock

Sealskinz Raynham waterproof all weather sock, £38 

100% waterproof, windproof and breathable, the Sealskinz waterproof socks are designed to perform and protect making them the ideal choice for February conditions.  


MacWet Climatec Sports Glove

MacWet Climatic sports glove, £32.99

Macwet climatic sports glove provides an unrivalled grip in all weather conditions, performing just as superbly when wet as dry.

Sealskinz Marham Waterproof Canvas Waxed cap

Sealskinz Marham waterproof canvas waxed cap, £40 

The waterproof and windproof Sealskinz Marham waterproof canvas waxed cap is the perfect head choice, and with foldable peak it fits nicely in your pocket.  

When it comes to clothing, ensuring you blend into the background and freedom of movement are essential.  

Before you head out pigeon shooting, ensure you have the landowner's permission and have brushed up on the laws of pigeon shooting. 

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