Alan Paine

Alan Paine Fernley Ladies Cape


Technical cape for shooting days with matching breeks available. The beauty of a cape is that when it really pours, the water runs off rather than gets into nooks and crannies!  

- 100% polyester outer with waterproof membrane laminate
- Fully taped seams
- Waterproof zip
- Fixed hood
- Throat infill
- Poppers to secure between arm & waist

100% Polyester

Fitting Notes:
This cape allows water to run off when the weather is hideous.  It has 2 sets of poppers on the bottom hem between your arm and waist to secure the cape on (so you don't take off in high winds!) - I found having them tighter to my waist worked better and left me with more room to mount my gun.

It isn't bulky, so you can stuff it in a bag when (if) it stops raining - and there is plenty of room to layer-up underneath it.

I would say to take a couple of hair grips to pin the hood to your hair - the hood isn't adjustable and I found it came forward too far for high birds, but this trick kept it in place!

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