Baleno Chatham Gundog Training Vest

The Chatham Gilet is a smart looking training vest, with plenty of pockets and a big open back pocket. It is water repellent, windproof and breathable. It is perfect for working tests where you want something that looks good, but is also practical - matching trousers are available.

Dobby fabric : 85% polyester + 15% polyamide with 100% PU laminate

Fitting Notes:
At a 12, this is true to size - assuming you want to be able to fit a thin fleece under it and still have room to fit a couple of dummies in the back. It isn't going to fit lots in the back pocket, but if you're looking for a smart outfir for working tests, this is perfect.

It is probably suitable for ladies up to 5'9 - I found it a touch short at 5'10 (but I was being really picky to come up with that!)

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