Barker & Sloane

Barker & Sloane Complete Kit for Skin

Your complete kit for skin gives you the tools for beautiful skin whatever the weather. This is for all three full sized products:

50ml Daily Defender Protecting Moisturiser

50ml 12 Bore Boost Mist Re-balancing Face Tonic

50ml Overnight Recovery Repairing Night Cream

How To Use:

Your complete kit for skin gives you the tools for beautiful skin whatever the weather. Follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1:
Start your day with the Daily Defender, a protecting moisturiser that will builds a breathable barrier and protects the skin against the elements. It gently brightens and smooths and also firms and boosts elasticity.

Step 2:
Is the 12 Bore Boost Mist, a re-balancing face tonic. This is a bit like a first aid kit for skin so use whenever you feel you need it most. It calms redness and soothes sore skin so perfect for the after-shoot dinner or after a days hack when you come indoors to flushed burning skin. The hyaluronic acid boosts hydration so use throughout the day or even before your moisturiser in the morning if you need an extra boost. Its even great as a make-up fixer! And finally the vitamin-rich formula helps feed the skin with vital nutrients to protect against environmental damage.

Step 3:
End your day and let your skin repair overnight with the Overnight Recovery. Packed with a powerhouse of nutrients to revive skin whilst you sleep. Youll fall in love with the calming scent alone but the anti-oxidants and plant actives help the appearance of dark spots whilst the restorative lupine peptides are like a natural form of botox. Wake with dewy, beautiful skin thats prepped for all the day can throw at it.

For more details on the individual products, click the links above.

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