Evolution OFFEYE Eye Dominance Correction Filters


Dominant hand the opposite to your dominant eye for clay shooting?  These can help!

Clay or target shooting is undertaken with a dominant eye but that is not always the same as your dominant hand. Your dominant eye is the decision maker but if the non-dominant eye interferes, you can end up seeing two targets (or two barrels) because your “off eye” (dominant eye) is too strong.

OFFEYE™ Optical Filters have been designed to correct this and to allow your non-dominant eye to take over.  It uses your brain’s ability to infill in the missing parts of the obscured image, so you don’t have to close the dominant eye – and can keep both eyes open.

OFFEYE™ Optical Filters are a clay shooting aid designed, not to block your vision, but to hone the way your eyes perceive the target.  It’s simple and highly effective.  The filters are removable and re-usable; made of vinyl cling material which stick to either the inside or outside of your existing eyewear.  Full instructions provided with the product.

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