Ladies Working Dog Group Training Planner - 2nd Edition


The definitive training planner and journal for working dogs!

This planner allows you to make the most of your time - even if it feels like you don't have any. It gives structure to your planning, guides you to set goals, measures milestones and allows reflection on sessions and months.

This is the second edition and now has monthly tabs to make finding pages easier.

This helps to track training sessions (and helps you to remember the exercises that worked well, as well as those that were a bit of a mess).

- 462 page journal
- Set goals for each month
- Improve your time management
- Track daily training
- Review each month
- Reflect on a year of training
- Record shoot and training dates
- Allows you to look back on your dog's history
- Records medical history
- Wire-bound hard-backed glossy cover with monthly tabs



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