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Le Chameau Chasseur Neo Boots Mens Fit

The iconic Chasseur with premium neoprene lining. Kevlar reinforcement to the front for extra protection against abrasion, full length rugged, waterproof Riri Aquazip and press stud fastening. Shock absorbing, insulating, all-terrain grip/cross sole with reinforced shank for better arch support and warm neoprene lining - if you're on your feet for long periods of time, these are brilliant!

- Anti-Fatigue Technology
The dual-density Cross sole absorbs shock and features a shank reinforcement board for better stability and anti-fatigue arch support. The quick-drying neoprene insulation lining cushions the foot and provides additional energy absorption.

- Bespoke Comfort
We're proud to offer the legendary Chasseur boot, designed specifically to fit women's' feet and legs. A 3mm neoprene lining provides exceptional insulation keeping feet and legs comfortable in temperatures as low as -15°C. The watertight heavy-duty zip with press stud tightening strap makes Chasseur easy to put on and take off. Available in one calf size.

- Heritage Meets Innovation
DuPont Kevlar® fibers are used in the natural rubber mix to reinforce the forefoot areas, improving tear and abrasion resistance and performance in harsh terrain. The abrasion-resistant Grip outsole offers sure-footed traction on uneven, slippery, muddy and soft terrain.

- The Story
In 1970 Le Chameau introduced a boot that was to become a legend in the field. Created by Le Chameau master of design Marc Longuet with the hunter in mind, our iconic Chasseur boot was the first rubber boot to have a waterproof full length zip. Handcrafted exclusively by one single master boot maker, after a long and rigorous apprenticeship, each Chasseur boot is a unique creation, made with precision, craftsmanship and assembly techniques handed down from generation to generation.

Upper: Chamolux rubber with Kevlar
Lining: 3mm neoprene

Fitting Notes:
Height: 36.5-40cm
Weight: 2kg

The calf widths (with the zips closed) are a 41cm calf.

Product Care:
Le Chameau takes great pride in the quality of its boots. To maintain comfort and maximize their durability, we recommend that you follow these simple care instructions:

Clean your boots with nothing more than water and a brush
Let the boots air dry
Use a silicone spray and polish using a soft, dry cloth
Keep your boots in a dry and ventilated place, away from direct sunlight and away from any heat source
If the boots get wet, please dry the lining thoroughly before using them again. Crumpled newspaper will help
If storing your boots for a long period, clean them thoroughly and store away from direct sunlight in a dry, cool place.

Never dry your boots in direct contact with a heat source like a radiator or a fireplace
Do not use aggressive products, like detergents, to clean your boots
Never store your boots in a damp condition or folded

For zipped boots:
Keep the zip clean. Dirt will wear the zip and significantly reduce its life
The use of spray is recommended to lubricate the zip before the first use and after each use
Dont leave the zip undone when wearing the boots, this will increase the chances of dirt getting into the zip
Never force the zip

All Le Chameau rubber boots are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, unsuitable use of the product, damage from foreign bodies or fluids, wear and tear, deterioration of colors and materials over time and after prolonged use. However, the zips used by Le Chameau are the best available and will not fail if kept clean and mildly lubricated (for more information, please consult our product care page).

If your product is defective, please return it to your Le Chameau stockist with the valid proof of purchase.

Le Chameau make a range of professional farming boots that have been specially designed for this purpose. They have extra re-enforcement to cope with the intensive use of these professions, which includes farmers and game keepers.

Driving farm equipment or vehicles for long periods is not something that the standard range of Le Chameau boots is designed for and imparts more stress on the back of the boot.

It is also important to select the right boot according to its end use, this includes the choice of lining and sole. A neoprene lined boot will cause the foot to sweat during the summer months and consequently reduce the life of the neoprene.

All Le Chameau outsoles will wear more rapidly if they are worn on concrete or other hard surfaces.

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