Napier Gun Cleaner 750ml

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Napier of London's gun cleaner is the last word in protection for any firearm. Achieve a spotless gun cleaning experience with two-in-one Napier gun cleaner and lube, a top-tier shotgun cleaner and rifle cleaner specifically designed to clean and oil any firearm. This potent solution effortlessly eliminates fouling, seamlessly functioning as a reliable gun cleaner while utilising safe solvents to deliver a comprehensive cleaning process. Containing VP90 corrosion inhibitors for contact and vapour phase action, this oil has the ability to penetrate into even the most inaccessible parts of the gun to provide complete protection from corrosion.

This oil will not break down under extremes of temperature and will keep ejectors and action protected. The high surface adhesion properties help to keep the oil where it is needed and make removal of finger marks a simple matter of wiping over the gun.