Sealskinz Merino Wool Mitt Fingerless Glove Liner


Black Merino wool fingerless glove mitt liners to wear under an outer pair of gloves for extra warmth without bulk, and leaving your fingers free.  98% Merino wool content wicks moisture away from the skin, 2% Elastane for a snug fit.

Merino Wool is finer than normal wool and each fibre can hold up to one third of its own weight without feeling clammy or wet to the touch - the wicking properties then allow this moisture to be released, keeping you dry.

- Extremely breathable
- Sweat wicking
- Naturally occurring anti-microbial properties


- 89% Merino wool
- 10% nylon
- 1% elastane


- Wash at 30ºC
- Drip dry

Fitting Notes:
One size only.

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