Sporting Hares

Sporting Hares Durable Water Repellent Membrane Spray


Water-based waterproofing mixture for nubuck, and suede and polyester materials. This spray protects and replenishes your Sporting Hares garments to keep you dry and comfortable, and prolonging their life.


- Easy to apply
- No propellant gases
- Non persistent
- Fluocarbon free
- Environmentally safe
- Not tested on animals
- Manufactured in the United Kingdom
- 125ml / 4.39 Fl. oz

- Brush off dirt with a damp cloth to ensure surface is clean
- Shake bottle well before use
- Apply generously to garment, covering all areas required to be dry, including zips
- Brush garment over with a soft brush or cloth to promote deep hydrophobic bond
- Allow to dry naturally for 24 hours before use

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