Sporting Hares

Sporting Hares Gun Holder with Shoulder Strap

The Sporting Hares Shotgun Holder is an innovation in shooting. The average weight of a shotgun is around 8lbs, bearing down on the arm or shoulder of the shooter throughout a shooting day. This revolutionary shotgun holder is designed to take the weight off the shooter and free both hands, yet keep the gun at close hand for immediate use when required.

The Sporting Hares Shotgun Holder is crafted from premium cuts of treated leather. A canvas, fully-adjustable across-the-body strap ensures maximum comfort throughout the day.

The gun holder is designed to reduce fatigue: the cross-body strap attaches to a uniquely-designed holder that is easy to pick your gun out of, and put it back into.

We think that this will be really useful on game days, but can see it crossing over into clay days too.

Fits 12 and 20 bore, side by side or over/under
Right or left handed options
Comes in honey tan, dark brown or black with a fully adjustable strap
Handcrafted from premium treated leather

Product Care:
The Sporting Hares Shotgun Holder has been designed to be used heavily and frequently. To prolong its life and appearance, we do recommend the following:

Regularly buff the leather with the Sporting Hares Leather Polishing Wax (supplied), particularly after use in wet conditions.
When not being used, store in its Sporting Hares Carry Bag.
Ensure all joints and buckles are in good working order.
If the canvas strap gets marked, spot clean with warm soapy water.

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