We were thrilled to see The Women’s Shooting Network (formally The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club) relaunch back in March – and did it launch with a bang! We caught up with Georgina Roberts, Director of The Women’s Shooting Network and professional Olympic Trap shooter representing Wales and Great Britain. Amidst sips of tea and nibbles of Chelsea buns, we delved into her passion for the sport, shared words of wisdom and discussed the rebrands revitalisation.  

Thanks for joining us, Georgina. Let’s kick off by discussing the challenges you have encountered along your shooting journey.  

I’ve loved every second of my shooting journey so far, I’ve been fortunate but also worked hard. There are all sorts of challenges that I’ve faced along the way, but if anything, this sport teaches you is resilience. The main challenge I see now is visibility, not just for women’s shooting but for our sport in general. 

How do you envisage The Women’s Shooting Network addressing this visibility issue?  

I spearheaded the rebranding of The Women’s Shooting Network at a crucial juncture in the shooting industry. There is a growing need for diversity and inclusion, and the Network is dedicated to propelling women in fieldsports to the forefront of the industry agenda. We will be leading the way by increasing levels of female participants and demonstrating how accessible and inclusive the sport is.  

I am grateful to have met many strong women during my time in this sport, women who help, support and encourage one another. I’ve loved being able to look up to many women in many different roles within shooting and I cannot wait to see this more frequently as time goes on.  

What motivated you to join and take over The Women’s Shooting Network?  

My ‘why’ is to protect and promote the sport, encourage and inspire others and strive for greatness. The Women’s Shooting Network is my way of aligning with my why to achieve my personal goals which will benefit the sport that I love, for example, increasing the reach of shooting sports. The Women’s Shooting Network was designed to educate, encourage and support women from all walks of life who are interested or already a part of the shooting sport, as well as having a great time shooting!  

We are really excited about the ground-breaking work you, and the Network are carrying out Georgina. Finally, what’s the best piece of advice you have received?  

Enjoy the process!  This seems mundane, but it has a deeper meaning. Shooting at times can be hard work, we miss targets, we don’t nail our technique, or we psych ourselves out. This sport means more than all of that, we all got into this sport because we fell in love with it, it's important to remember that as we’re trying to progress. We need to be kind to ourselves and ensure that we keep it fun.  

For more information about The Women’s Shooting Network and how to get involved visit www.womensshootingnetwork.com or follow them on Instagram @womensshootingnetwork. 

You can also follow Georgina at @georginatamsinroberts

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