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5 Minutes with Iona Campbell, co-founder of Women Who Work in Fielsports


Fieldsports has traditionally been a man’s game, however, there have been significant changes, and the industry is filling the women-shaped gap on the market. Helping to fill that gap is Women Who Work in Fieldsports (WWWF), a strong network made up of women who participate within the fieldsports industry. We caught up with Iona Campbell, one of the founders of WWWF, to discuss her love for fieldsports, share words of wisdom and debunk common myths.

Thanks for joining us Iona, we’d like to start with how you got into fieldsports?

I grew up on a farm in the Scottish Borders and so have always been involved with fieldsports in one way or another, either through the local hunt, a rough shoot on the family farm or being invited shooting by friends and neighbours. We also take a family holiday each year up to the Scottish Highlands where we fish and stalk. It is always a special holiday and nothing beats the years I caught my first salmon and shot my first stag.

Couldn’t agree more, the ScottishHighlands are idyllic! Do you have any role models within the industry?

I mean there are so many incredible women in the industry, it is tricky to pick just one! The top role models I would say for me are Ali Henton, editor of The Field Magazine. Anne Voss Bark, incredible fisherwoman and advocate for conservation, and Teresa Dent, CEO of the GWCT.

There really are so many incredible women, great choices. If you could share a peg with a friend, who would you choose and why?

I mean I have to pick two and say, Louisa and Vanessa (co-founds of WWWF). We have such a giggle and one of my best memories last year was attending a clay shoot with them both and having the best time. There wasn't any pressure or competition, we just all really wanted each other to succeed and to have fun on the day.

We love hearing stories where other women are encouraging each other, What’s the best piece of advice you have been given and do you have any advice to give other women?

The best piece of advice I have been given is to just have fun and not overthink. I can get quite in my head when I shoot and if I have a bad drive, I really let it get to me. Especially when shooting with a line of men, as I want to prove myself. I was once on the peg at the end of the line and no one could see me, I shot extremely well because I didn't feel pressure from anyone else and the keeper came up to me at the end and told me to have fun on every drive and to not overthink it, as he could tell I was much better than previously. I tell that to myself at the beginning of every shoot, whether that be clays or game. The advice I would give to any women starting out in fieldsports, no matter what stages they are in is to not be intimidated by it - easier said than done and I am guilty of it myself. Women belong on the shoot day/stalk/river as much as any man.

Wise words, I think we’re all slightly guilty of that one. Let’s move onto your inspiration behind co-founding WWWF ?

Through a conversation at The Game Fair in 2023 we realised there was a need for such a network of women, as fieldsports is such an isolated industry as well as male dominated. As soon as we started mentioning it to other women, they were very excited, so we knew we had something special.

What’s the biggest misconception about women in fieldsports/shooting?

One of the biggest misconceptions about women in fieldsports/shooting is that they lack the skill, interest, or passion for these activities compared to men. This misconception stems from traditional gender stereotypes and expectations. When actually many women as we know through work, friends and WWWF are avid participants in fieldsports and shooting, demonstrating exceptional skill, dedication, and knowledge. 

For more information about Women Who Work in Fieldsports and how to get involved visit www.womenwhoworkinfieldsports.co.uk or follow them on Instagram @womenwhoworkinfieldsport 


Co-founds of Women Who Work in Fieldsports, from left to right 
Louisa Clutterbuck, Iona Campbell & Vanessa Steel.


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