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Stepping into Simulated Game Days: Essential tips for women’s attire and success

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the world of simulated game days, it’s a fun, fast-paced, and adrenaline-filled day out in an enjoyable and social setting. As well as offering the opportunity to get your gun out in the summer months, a simulated game day also offers a variety of targets, ensuring there is something for everyone. We explore what a simulated day entails, the benefits, and, of course, the perfect attire.  

What is a simulated game day? 
A simulated game day is a day of shooting clays that are designed to take a similar format to a traditional game shoot. Simulated days can offer an array of targets emulating driven grouse, quick-flying partridge, and high pheasants, all offering a taste of what the season has to offer. 

Most simulated game shooting days take place in the spring and summer months, which means there are no worries about finishing before it gets dark, creating a fun and exciting day without the time pressure. 

What are the benefits of a simulated game day? 
There are numerous advantages to joining a simulated game day, from introducing someone new to shooting, bolstering confidence, or simply enjoying a great day with like-minded people. Guns will often feel that they can tackle more challenging targets than they usually would on a game day as there are no concerns about just chipping a clay! When on your peg, you will find the steady stream of clays will just keep coming, which means there’s no time for overthinking, resulting in natural shooting performance. 

The benefits of a simulated game day include: 

  • Excellent pre-game season practice 
  • Introduction to the structure and etiquette of game days 
  • Variety of clay targets mimicking different game birds 
  • Suitable for guns of all experiences and abilities 
  • Value for money 
  • Relaxed and friendly atmosphere with the opportunity to meet new people 

What should I wear on a simulated game day? 
Game shooting has a pretty clear, traditional dress code; however, there is often a more relaxed approach when it comes to the etiquette of what to wear on a simulated game day. 

Most simulated shoots are a bit less formal than a game day, and a more smart/casual approach is accepted, especially during the warmer parts of the year when you will want to leave the tweed at home. That being said, some teams of guns like to wear full shooting attire – breeks, waistcoats, ties, etc. – to make the day feel more like a game day. 

Your host will gladly give you some guidance, but here are our top tips: 

Trousers and breeks 
On warmer days, opt for a simple pair of chinos, lightweight trousers, or a shooting skirt/shooting dress. On wetter days, opt for trousers made from a technical fabric that will withstand mud and showers but have the advantage of being breathable. 

During many simulated game days, each drive is orchestrated twice, allowing one guest to take the shot while the other serves as the loader, then you switch roles. In the event that you are loading for yourself, you will need to ensure you have large accessible pockets – which is where your trusty shooting coat will come in handy. On those warmer days, when a shooting coat will be overkill, a shooting vest or gilet is advised. We would avoid opting for a casual vest/gilet as the pockets aren’t quickly accessible nor large enough for your cartridges. You’ll often shoot in excess of 250 cartridges during the day, and most venues mandate fibre wads. 

Always be prepared for rain; after all, we are in the UK. Pop a lightweight shooting coat, made from breathable technical fabric, into the car. 

A lightweight cotton or linen shirt that has some stretch and is cut for movement will help you swing through with the gun and keep you warm (or cool). Shooting shirts have the advantage of freedom of movement and are cut so you can tuck the hem of the shirt into your trousers without it riding up when you move. 

When choosing knitwear, select merino wool for warmth; the fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking. 

Conditions underfoot will likely determine your choice of footwear – during wet days, walking boots or wellies will keep your feet dry and provide sufficient stability when shooting. During the warmer months, a sturdy pair of ankle boots, or even deck shoes will be sufficient. 

Elevate your outfit with a silk scarf, which will also act as a neck warmer when the wind is blowing. 

You may want to wear gloves; on warm days, rapid shooting will get your gun hot, and in the rain gloves designed for shooting are waterproof and have a non-slip grip. 

Safety first 
Safety is paramount; peaked hats and shooting glasses are a must to protect against clay fragments. Of course, you will also need to wear ear defenders. Some venues will supply protection for those new to the world of shooting but do double-check.  

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