Partridge interval offer

We’re saying goodbye to Black Friday and Cyber Monday and letting you breath with our partridge interval offer. 

We are encouraging you to slow down and make informed decisions based on education over impulse. We have introduced 15% discount across selected items, so you can take time to research our products and fitting notes.  Discount applied at checkout. 

Learn more here. 

Alan Paine Fleeces & Quilted Jackets Alan Paine Aylsham Ladies Fleece Jacket Green
Alan Paine Fleeces & Quilted Gilets Alan Paine Berwick Ladies Waistcoat
Alan Paine Breeks Alan Paine Ladies Combrook Breeks Heath
Alan Paine Tweed Field Coats 20 Alan Paine Ladies Combrook Coat
Alan Paine Tweed Field Coats Alan Paine Ladies Combrook Shooting Coat Heath
Alan Paine Traditional Shooting Vests Alan Paine Combrook Ladies Shooting Waistcoat Heath
Alan Paine Skirts & Culottes Alan Paine Ladies Combrook Skirt
Alan Paine Breeks Alan Paine Fernley Ladies Breeks
Baleno Shirts Baleno Laura White Pheasant Print Shirt
Baleno Shirts Baleno Laura White Woodcock Print Shirt
Baleno Fleeces & Quilted Jackets Baleno Southwell Wind & Showerproof Fleece Jacket Navy Blue
Baleno Fleeces & Quilted Gilets Baleno Surrey Fleece Gilet Navy Blue
Evolution Eyewear & Ear Protection Purple Evolution Chameleon - Single Lens Eyewear - (8 colours available)