Fortis Women's Falkland Waterproof Over Trousers

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Fortis Falkland Waterproof Over Trousers were initially designed for Special Forces and are therefore durable, waterproof and breathable. They are manufactured from strong Ripstop fabric in Devon,

The design of the waist is flattering and comfortable, and there is loads of room in the pockets. They are lined, so if you wanted to wear them without trousers underneath, you could do in warmer showers.

They are brilliant over-trousers for beating and picking-up - as well as for guns on more casual shoots.

Lightweight, breathable, waterproof
Adjustable waistband - flattering and comfortable
Fan zipped bottoms to fit over boots
Drawstring on the bottom hem
Leg lengths is 29

Fitting Notes:
These trousers all have a 29" inside leg - which is perfect for most people as these would normally be worn with boots. They have plenty of adjustment room on the waist - there are Velcro adjusters, as well as 2 strap fasteners (helpful if you're having a large lunch!).

I find these trousers are cut pretty 'straight' in terms of women's shape - if you're a bit more 'hippy', you may want to go up a size. I would rather more space in over trousers, and as the waist is so adjustable, the bigger size can be adjusted in to cope with a smaller waist size.