Harkila Women's Retrieve Trousers

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The Retrieve Trousers have a classic, feminine cut and are made from a hard wearing cotton blend. They also incorporate a windproof and waterproof HWS (Härkila Weather System) membrane, keeping your legs dry whether it's raining on a shoot day, or you're walking through long grass while out dog training!

These ladies technical shooting trousers are part of the new Harkila Retriever Collection, which is designed for dog handlers, beaters and those who pick-up. along with a women's shooting jacket and insulated cardigan.

Double press button closure
Easy entry top pockets
Thigh pockets
Anti-slip waistband inside

Outer: 38%Cotton/30%Polyurethane/20%Polyester/6%Nylon, Peached Oxford 2L , Peached
Lining: 100% Polyester, Fine Mesh

Fitting Notes:
These trousers are lovely - they have a slimmer leg to tuck into boots - there aren't any adjusters at the bottom, so if you wanted to shorten these, it would be pretty simple.
I think that they come up a touch smaller than the Harkila Pro Hunter trousers - and they have a slimmer leg in comparison too. I don't think it's a whole size down though, probably half a size.