Napier of London Stock Shield

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Napier of London's award winning London Gun Stock Finish has been used by major gun makers' and shooters worldwide for over 30 years, It will produce the very best London stock finish on any wooden gun stock.

Even the best cared for guns will inevitably get dull, and can become tired when exposed to rain and general use, and until now this meant spending some time in refinishing, which when done properly will take several hours, and was certainly not something that could be done instantly. Now new Stock Shield allows any type of gun to be instantly protected and enhanced in just a couple of minutes.

Stock Shield doesn't contain waxes or silicone, so it will not block the pores of the wood - meaning that conventional stock finishes, such as Napier London Gun Stock Finish, can be applied at any time without the need to remove Stock Shield. This is very important as using preparations such at Bees Wax for example, renders the stock unable to absorb any linseed based chemicals, and it then becomes a big job to strip back and start over.

How to use:
Simply apply the special blend via it's built in sponge applicator, leave for 1 minute and buff gently with a lint free ultrasoft cloth. Job done! Any blemish caused by rain spots will disappear and the gun will be properly protected and ready for its next outing.

Regular use of Stock Shield before, and in particular after, exposure to rain, will protect the wood, and guard against all moisture and handling - even perfume will migrate to the stock when mounting a gun, as will sweat from the hands and face. Stock Shield protects the wood from all such elements and will give a beautiful finish instantly.

Supplied in 75ml.