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2024 Clay Shooting Essentials for Ladies

So you're off clay shooting. Whether you are a regular at clay grounds or are planning your first clay shooting lesson, you'll find the below advice useful. 

What is clay shooting 
Clay shooting, also known as clay pigeon shooting, is a sport that involves shooting at clay targets using a shotgun. The sport is increasingly popular, whether as a charity event, team building exercise or a way of starting shooting. 

What should I wear clay shooting? 

Shooting clays isn't as formal as shooting game. There are three key considerations; comfort, safety and practicality.

A hat will not only keep the sun out of your eyes but also protect your head from any falling shards of clay. Make sure you choose a hat that won't blow away on a windy day or cover your eyes. We recommend the Seeland skeet cap, £12.95. 

Eye protection 
Next up, and in many ways the most critical piece of kit, is protective eyewear to protect your eyes against fragments of broken clay. Protective shooting glasses need to be made with toughened lenses (leave those designer glasses at home). Glasses marked EN166 or ANSI 787 will have the required impact standards set in Europe.  

These Evolution Chameleon impact resistant glasses are made slightly narrower with a smaller nose pad, making them more suited to the face shape of ladies. Available in a range of colours to suit different conditions and targets, not only are the Chameleon glasses EN166 impact resistance rated but also UV400 and at £19.95 each they are great value.

 Seeland Skeet Cap

Ear protection 
The decibels your ears are going to go through can cause long-term hearing damage, so protect them. There are two variants available, in-ear protection or external ear defenders, it comes down to a matter of personal preference. 
For £0.99 each, these Napier comfy ear plugs are a great place to start, and have a handy key chain to pop them on your keys. 

Shirts, tops and jackets
A comfy and non-restrictive top beats fashion when it comes to what to wear on top. For warm days, a t-shirt or polo shirt can be ideal, just avoid tops with any ridge across where your gun will mount. The Laksen sporting stretch shirts have been designed for a flattering fit whilst offering a full range of movement when shooting. They also look great for pub lunches and days in the office. Prices start from £59.00. 

Laksen Sporting shirt

A dedicated clay vest provides 
an array of deep pockets and the ability to add a recoil pad. At just £79.99, the Seeland women's skeet II clay vest, is our top choice. It has been designed for optimum freedom of movement, easy access to cartridges, recoil pad pocket at shoulder and fit ladies with larger boobs. The mesh back keeps you cool on those warmer days.

You can be very exposed to the wind and rain on a clay ground, which is where layers come into their own. The Laksen women's clay pro jacket, is our top choice for those colder days, its waterproof, warm and lightweight and is £269. 

Laksen pro clay jacket


The barrels of your shotgun are likely to get very hot. To protect against burned fingers, wear gloves. The MacWet climatec sports glove provide ultimate grip in both wet and dry conditions. The gloves are not waterproof, but have a wicking technology so water evaporates fast. They are also great for those colder days walking in the country, and just £32.99 each. If you are looking for a waterproof glove, the Sealskinz waterproof all weather shooting gloves are £59.95 and have a trigger finger. 

Trousers and footwear
Dress for the weather, shorts
, skirt, leggings or trousers, practicality and movement is imperative. Footwear needs to be comfortable and practical, there can be some standing around and walking, so support is key. 

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Clay shooting grounds near you

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