2021 Clay Shooting Essentials for Ladies!

Check out the latest in clay shooting gear for women in 2021.

A trip to the clay ground is a major cause for celebration after the last few months - and we're seeing lots of ladies looking for new pieces to mark their return to freedom.  It's so nice to be wearing something other than the sofa-uniform - treat yourself to something special!

Laksen Clay Pro Jacket

New lightweight but waterproof ladies shooting jacket with faux suede shoulder patches.  this is a serious jacket for lady clay shooters.  There are matching trousers available too.  I completely love this set!

MacWet Gloves

These aren't new, but quite honestly, they never get old.  The ultimate in grippy gloves for the wet or dry!  Just don't expect them to be waterproof...

Seeland Skeet Vest

When it finally gets warm, this is a fab vest as it has a mesh back to keep you cool.  It has also been designed to fit ladies with boobs too!  Hurrah!

Laksen Range Bag

This is the Goldilocks of range bags - not too big, not too small, but just right.  Loads of pockets, and looks really smart.

Seeland Hawker Hybrid Jacket

Partially quilted, super-flex material over the back and under arm - loads of room to mount your gun!

Eye Dominance Kits

Struggle with off-eye dominance?  These kits come with a dark lens to encourage correction.

Gun Cleaning Kit

The boring but necessary bit - we have 12 bore and 20 bore cleaning kits available.  The best thing is that although they're basic, they still have the outstanding Napier of London products!