Clear vision chronicles: Your guide to shooting glasses

Clear vision chronicles: Your guide to shooting glasses

When it comes to your shooting gear, protective eyewear isn't just an accessory - it's a necessity. Not only do shooting glasses shield your eyes from potential hazards like debris and UV light, but they also offer a range of benefits that can significantly improve your performance on the field.

Benefits of wearing shooting glasses 

Protection: Designed to shield your eyes from debris, harmful UV rays, and distracting glare, shooting glasses provide essential protection for every shot.

Light Management: By effectively managing light, shooting glasses enhance visibility, allowing you to spot targets more easily across various backgrounds and lighting conditions.

Contrast Enhancement: The right shooting glasses can help enhance the contrast between your target and its surroundings, giving you a clearer shot every time.

Impact Protection: In addition to visual benefits, shooting glasses offer crucial impact protection, guarding your eyes against unexpected hazards. 

Why they're essential

Shooting glasses aren't just recommended—they're often mandatory at clubs, competitions, and clay grounds. Beyond these designated areas, they provide vital protection against ricochets and falling debris, ensuring your safety wherever you're shooting.

Key standards to consider

Look for shooting glasses that meet EN166F standards, indicating compliance with impact requirements in both Europe and the US. Additionally, seek out models with the UV400 mark for comprehensive UV protection.


Enhancing performance

Clear vision is paramount in shooting sports, directly impacting your ability to acquire and track targets effectively. By wearing shooting glasses, you optimise your visual acuity, allowing your brain to process target information more quickly and react accordingly. With relaxed, fully open eyes, you maximise visual input, giving yourself the best chance to excel in every shot.

Investing in quality shooting glasses isn't just about protection—it's about elevating your game to new heights. Choose the right pair for your needs, and experience the difference they can make. 

What is the best tint for you?

How do you choose the right colour shooting glasses for you? The colours have been designed to help your vision in certain weather conditions, while other colours can make a target visually 'pop' from it background. 


Purple lenses offer a soothing visual experience, acting by filtering out green light from the colour spectrum. This filtration helps suppress green and brown backgrounds, such as trees and grass.


Pink and rose, in addition to green light, also filter out some blue light, which can contribute to eye strain. These lenses provide a moderate contrast boost and are popular in trap shooting where the focus is across both vegetation and sky.


Orange lenses are popular due to providing a high-definition colour effect, the tint of orange creates a view that easily distinguishes orange clays against various backgrounds.


Yellow lenses excel at increasing the appearance of brightness on overcast days, boosting target colour contrast. When wearing yellow lenses, your surroundings appear brighter, enhancing the colour of orange clays.


Shooting in bright sunlight or direct exposure to sunlight requires lenses that can effectively manage the intense light. Shooting requires intense visual focus so in bright conditions brown glasses prevent squinting and prevents what would otherwise be a narrowing of your field of vision.


Grey lenses are a popular choice for shooters seeking natural visual comfort in bright light conditions. They reduce the overall brightness of all colours equally without significantly impacting the colour contrast of the background and targets making them ideal for managing bright light if you don’t want to alter contrast.

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