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Building a women’s shooting community – find your tribe

Women’s shooting and gundog clubs are on the rise, with friendly guidance turning into a movement. Spending a day in the field among like-minded companions is a wonderful tonic and a great way to meet and make new friends. 

Being around women with similar interests can provide a very nurturing environment for newcomers and seasoned shooters alike. Don’t be afraid to join a women’s club or attend a women’s shoot day alone—you’ll soon spark up a friendship with someone! 

Our list of women’s shooting clubs and gundog clubs cater for beginners to those who have the sport running through their veins. 

BASC Women in Shooting  

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) is the UK’s largest shooting organisation. In addition to providing specialist advice and political lobbying, they organise shooting and rifle events for members. These events can also be enjoyed by non-members as a taster of what the organisation offers. 

BASC Women in Shooting is a subsection of BASC that encourages more women to join our fieldsports community through support, coaching, training courses, events, insights and much more.  

>>Learn more about BASC Women in Shooting 

The Country Girls UK  

Originally inspired to create a community to encourage more women into shooting through social media, Tania Coxon officially launched The Country Girls UK (CGUK) platform in 2020. The community organises in-person shooting events, gundog events, tuition days, and country pursuits, catering to everyone.  

Events are hosted across the UK and are open to members, with non-members able to join for a taster of what CGUK offers. 

Their online blog provides a wealth of information, from field-to-fork recipes and country fashion advice to stories from their members and much more. 

CGUK has also partnered with country clothing brands to offer their members exclusive discounts, including On The Peg Clothing! 

>>Learn more about CGUK  


The Women’s Shooting Network  

The Women’s Shooting Network (formerly The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club) hosts inclusive shooting events, workshops, and online sessions for both members and non-members. These events are designed to encourage, educate, and empower women, and to drive increased participation. 

Their members also get access to insights, articles and interviews, discount and coaching hub and early access to events.  

>>Read more about director Georgina Roberts here 

>>Learn more about Women’s Shooting Network  

Women Who Work in Fieldsports 

Women who Work in Fieldsports (WWWIF) has established a community of individuals with shared values, offering a platform for those dedicated to working tirelessly behind the scenes. WWWIF have launched several inactivates to empower women within the industry including insights, monthly podcasts, webinar series and in-person events to help create a supportive environment  

>>Read more about co-founder Iona Campbell  

>>Learn more about Women who work in fieldsports  

Dynamic Ladies Shooting Club 

Exclusively for women and run by multi-award winning Mhairi-Ann Troup, Dynamic Ladies Shooting Club runs clay pigeon shooting days across five locations in the UK. Members receive access to discounted lessons, invitations to upcoming in-house events and more. 

>>Learn more about Dynamic Ladies Shooting Club

Girls and Guns 

Girls and Guns is a not-for-profit club that put on clay shooting events around the UK, with no membership fees, and open to all experience levels. 

>>Learn more about Girls and Guns 


Ladies Working Dog Group  

The Ladies Working Dog Group (LWGD) is a community for female working dog handlers to connect, support and thrive. Not only do they host virtual and in-person events, have a plethora of experts that offer support, but their online library and study hub is equipped with all the resources required to succeed.  

>>Learn more about Ladies Working Dog Group 


Girls with gundogs  

Girls with gundogs provide workshop and training days for like-minded women across the UK. Members can enjoy webinars and access to member group chats within their community.  

>>Learn more about Girls with guns 

Artemis Deerstalking 

Artemis Deerstalking was set up to promote and encourage women into the sport of deerstalking. They have built a community encouraging others to share their experiences and to further their deerstalking journey. 

>>Learn more about Artemis Deerstalking


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